This week I applied the grisaille on the glass. I did this for the first time and I thought that it was very difficult to do this , because you have to be very quick and carefully. First you have to create a lot of paint. Then you have to apply it with a brush and you should be very fast fanning the whole glass with a badger brush to evenly distribute. After I did this four times, it had succeeded. Now I can start with remove the grisaille, on the places where I don’t need shadow.


Last week I started with enamel on glass, on school. The first thing I had to do was creating a design. I´ve made a flower power design, with a close-up of a woman´s face. After that I quickly started with the ´lines. This takes a lot of time, and i´m still busy doing this. The next thing I have to do is to bring on grisaille, with this material I can create the shadow of the image . You have to apply the paint all over the glass, and you have to remove the grisaille where you don´t want to have a shadow. You have to apply it with a brush and fanning it with a badgerbrush, so you won’t see any brush lines.

Beside the contour and grisaille, you’ll have Emaille. Emaille is for the color of the image. You also apply this al over the glass, and remove it where you don’t want the color.

VOC Wall panel

This week I started with pencil the Japanese promotion text on my VOC Panel. The text also comes in Dutch language on the panel. ‘Een beter behouden vaart, met bij de hand een kaart’ which means; ‘better safe journey, with a map in the hand’ I mixed the paint with Patina, to make it more shiny. Pencil the letters goes pretty well.

VOC Wall panel

On school I am busy with an assignment to make a wall panel with the theme VOC. I have to make this painting with only one color and there has to be shadow and depth in it. From the start I thought it was a challenge for me.

The first step to realize this practice is to create a design. First thing I was thinking about the VOC is a beautiful big ship but I thought it would be a lot of work and it would not be very sensitive. Then I came up with the idea to paint a ancient map, held by one hand. On the background you´ll see a simple ship in the endless sea. What I like about my design is depth and the hand stands for life that is what I love to paint

Beside creating a design, you have to make your panel ready for the painting. First thing I had to do was to paint the chipboard. After this I had to span “bekaert” cloth, I had to smear the whole panel with glue. You should think, why do you first paint the chipboard while you have to glue something. I will tell you, this is because, the panel absorbs a lot of fluids and if you paint is first the glue will stick to the paint instead of going in to the wood.


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